Severe Weather…Storm Damage!

Be Prepared when Severe Weather Approaches

The severe weather and tornado that ravaged Moore, OK yesterday will likely go into history books as one of the costliest tornados in United States history. Thousands of homes were destroyed and hundreds more were damaged by this storm.

Our hearts go out to those who have lost their lives from this monster storm. Early comparisons to the 1999 event (F-5 Strength) in Moore OK, state that it was likely not as strong or as devastating as this latest 1 1/2 mile wide tornado on May 20, 2013.

North Texas – May 21, 2013

Here in the North Texas area, today Denton County and Collin County has just gone from Severe Thunderstorm Watch to a Warning. Tarrant County and Dallas County are expected to be addressed within the hour.

There is a threat of more dangerous severe weather and thunderstorms approaching North Texas today. Currently straight-line wind damage is being reported in Denton Texas. Shingles are being blown off roofs in Haslet with 70+ mph winds.

This line of storms has already been notorious for producing fanatic activity over the last 24 hours with golf ball to baseball plus size hail. We’ve already experienced a 20° temperature drop this afternoon in Tarrant County.

North Dallas, Denton, Collin and Rockwall Counties are all currently experiencing high winds in North Texas.

Based on what is happening now, it is expected that almost all of the North Texas area will go under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, possibly even Tornado Warnings in these counties.

The National Weather Service has issued Watches and Warnings all day as these storms have advanced into our area. Click Here to see the latest formal updates.

As this severe weather front begins to move through as the line pushes through Dallas County and out through to East Texas, it can rapidly evolve into a format of different events. Cyclonic storms are anticipated which could produce 2 inch plus hail and the potential of large wedge long track tornadoes.
Be Careful!

Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks.

Take shelter in the lowest part of your house preferably in the bathtub or under stair well or better yet a basement or a storm shelter.

Remember that if your home is damaged by severe weather and storms, most home insurance policies require that the homeowner take responsibility to make immediate emergency repairs to mitigate (prevent) additional damage. As long as you maintain careful receipts of the work performed and the cost is reasonable, your insurance carrier will reimburse you for those expenses.

Professional Roofer

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